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For professional stylists that want to validate their degrees and receive their license in Orlando or New York

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About New Millennium Beauty School

We have over 20 years of experience training people like you who want to ensure they succeed in the beauty, styling and skin care industry.

We are one of the largest educational institutions in Latin America and one of the most prestigious in Peru. Our Founder Lic. Gladys Dubois, trained abroad, graduated in the United States, has acknowledgements that she has obtained in more than 30 years of experience.


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We offer study hours for professional stylists from the Hispanic community

Training with certification and validation of the cosmetology career
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Updates for stylists with the latest trends in Makeup, Facial and Body Aesthetics

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How to start a business
How to grow and expand your business

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Interact with other professionals to collaborate and network


You will be able to start working on your portfolio and you will have new images to display.

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You will feel confident working with clients of different ages, skin tones and genders, safely and hygienically

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You will know how to create the essential looks that the industrial professional needs to know.

Do you want to be a Beauty Professional in New York - Orlando?

Learn about the different professionalization modules and specializations offered at New Millenium Beauty School

Our goal is to make a high-quality education available for anyone who wants to learn, refine, or upgrade in the beauty, hairstyling, and skin care industry.


    Our Online Professionalization Modules

    With International Certification
    Beauty Gratis
    Cosmetic Micropigmentation
    It's an ideal choice for learning how to create beautiful high-definition strokes. This innovative technique enhances beauty by allowing you to make lips, eyebrows and eyes full of life.
    Beauty Gratis
    Facial treatment
    Scientific knowledge, cosmetics and the correct protocols to be able to treat the client's skin, handling appliances
    Beauty Gratis
    Body treatment
    Body care, relaxing massages, exfoliation, reduction treatments, cellulite handling, localized adiposities and flaccidity.
    Beauty Gratis
    Face Makeup
    Different makeup techniques according to the morphology of the face, seeking to enhance beauty.
    Beauty Gratis
    Aromatherapy and Quartz
    Obtain the necessary knowledge of holistic therapies, with bases, foundations and practices and complement your professional services
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    Our Specialization Courses

    Specializations Gratis
    Knowledge of the semi-permanent makeup technique that is part of Micropigmentation to show off perfect and natural eyebrows
    Specializations Gratis
    Technique for enhancing the natural color or defining the edges of the lips and showing off beautiful lips at any time without resorting to cosmetic products.

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