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We have, stylism and skin care. About New Millennium Beauty School We have over 20 years of experience training people like you who want to ensure they succeed in the beauty, styling and skin care industry. New Millenium School is a fully certified school by the Peruvian Ministry of Education, among others, such as the International Certification by the Honorable World Academy in Education.


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Meet our Founder

Lic. Gladys Dubois

Recognized leading businesswoman in the world of Integral Beauty, she has acknowledgements that she has obtained in more than 30 years of experience. She trained abroad, she graduated in the United States. She has dedicated almost 20 years to teaching through the New Millennium School in the career of Cosmiatry and Cosmetology in Peru, providing the Professional Title endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

She is an international and national speaker providing teaching at the Interdisciplinary Congresses of Aesthetics and Integral Beauty. She has a staff of teachers who guarantee her years of experience transmitting a good Education in Cosmiatry and Cosmetology. She grants the Certifications for Labor Competencies issued by the Ministry of Labor, aimed at people with more than one year of work experience in the field of Integral Aesthetics.


  • Acknowledgment to Congress of the Republic for Initiatives in Social Inclusion in Education 2018.
  • Honorable Academy of Education and Ibero-American Council: Dr. Honorary Cause 2014.
  • ADRA: Youth Support Acknowledgment 2013.
  • Edumun: Acknowledgment of Educator of International Excellence 2012.
  • Conaco: International Award for Business Excellence 2012.
  • Presidency of the Republic: President Award for Mype 2011.
  • IPAE: Successful Entrepreneurs Award 2010.
  • IOCIM: Award for Excellence in Teaching and Health 2010.
About New Millenium

Our Benefits

We provide the highest quality in training aligned with current industry trends, worldwide, and the fundamental techniques to succeed as beauty, hairdressing and skin care professionals.
Integral education
All fundamentals including both technical skills and professional training.
We develop the same content of our face-to-face programs and access to the material of each course
Our team

Leading instructors in the beauty industry and guided by a complete curriculum.

Community Commitment

Financial aid for Latina students through the New Millennium Association for the promotion and development of Higher Education

Our Team

Meet our instructors

Classes taught by a group of elite instructors with successful careers in their areas of expertise

Brenda Elizabeth Moyano Dubois


Academic Coordinator of the New Millennium School

Graduated in Integral Aesthetics and Cosmetology

Silvia Paulina Ramirez Rios


Specialist in comprehensive aesthetics, with experience in the field of education and aesthetics.

Technical Degree in Dermatological Cosmetics

Janet Cristina Vela Cornejo


Specialist in Integral Aesthetics and Styling

Studies in Dermocosmiatry

Diploma in Pedagogy

Evaluator of Certification for Labor Competences of the Ministry of Labor in Peru

Honorary Representative of the Association of Cosmiatrists of Peru
National Speaker

Yennifer Contreras


Professional Makeup Artist



More than 18 years of experience in the use, research and treatment of crystals for therapeutic purposes

Dedicated to teaching since 2007, in the training of Holistic Therapists

We have international certifications to certify our students

Institutions that support us

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Learn about the different professionalization modules and specializations offered at New Millenium Beauty School

Our goal is to make a high-quality education available for anyone who wants to learn, refine, or upgrade in the beauty, hairstyling, and skin care industry.